My Victoria’s Secret Gold Wings Angel perfume and new body mist. 💋

Dreamy, addictive and sensational. Victoria’s Secret fragrance has flawlessly represented the scent of angels and the ultimate romance of heaven. I have been a huge fan of VS for years, here are my VS newbies and the sexiest Victoria’s Secret Gold Wings Angel perfume that I’d love to introduce to you all.

Victoria's Secret body mist set

These scented body mist are packed adorably in elegant golden windows and I especially love the patterned backgrounds. It looks like each bottle has its own little room in a dreamy angel castle! I think the whole marketing and even the name of every VS product is cleverly characterised to build the brand reputation.

Victoria's Secret body mist

I got this pack from my last birthday, when I saw it I had the biggest smile on my face! Honestly if anyone gets me anything from VS for Christmas or birthday or whatever, I’d love it so much. I’m not asking for a gift but I wouldn’t say no tho…(cheeky) 😛

Anyway lets move on, these scents are:

  • Bombshell: Award-winning fragrance in a sheer mist for on-the-go. Purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid.
  • Eau So Sexy: Oh so fresh and on-the-go, mixes vibrant florals with luscious fruits and a touch of airy warmth for a scent that’s flirty and forever young.
  • Tease: The ultimate flirt, this scented mist thrills with an enticing mix of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia.
  • Crush: A total rush in an on-the-go mist, this electric scent has fresh energy, playful florals and sexy spice for an intoxicating high.

Victoria's Secret fragrance crayon set

This fragrance set is real cool and handy, can you guess what they are? I went to a local store, picked these up to the till, ‘ Excuse me, are these scented lip crayons or lip balms?’ I asked the sale assistant. ‘ Oh no, they’re new and we’ve just got them yesterday, they’re like perfume crayon for your neck and body.’ She answered. I like trying new things so I decided to give them a go.

Victoria's Secret wristband

Victoria’s Secret gave me a pink and black popper branding band, I don’t actually know what are they for, I expect I could just wear it around the wrist as a wristband maybe. (or maybe its actually for the shopping bag lol idk…)

My keyring normally only holds my keys and essential mini cards as I don’t like having too much or anything big on my keyring, I find this popper band very handy for me to spot my keys in my handbag and doesn’t waste any space.

Victoria's Secret Gold Wings Angel perfume

Be a real angel! My top favourite Victoria’s Secret Gold Wings Angel perfume 100% Angel essential. I have had this bottle for about a year now as you can see I hardly used any because I do have several other perfumes at home. You just can’t ask for more with those golden Angel wings and the glamorous glitter Angel dust!

I haven’t seen this perfume in any local stores only the airports, this is a floral fruity perfume released in 2015 so it’s not new. I guess it may be the airport exclusive. If you know about it please leave me a comment down below.

Victoria's Secret Gold Wings Angel perfumeVictoria's Secret Gold Wings Angel perfume

Victoria’s Secret Official Website:

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  1. Is your site quite new? I love it! And I love your post about the scents. Keep on going ! I am a huge fan of victoria’s secret!

    xxx From Holland

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