Flower fairy style with crowns and headbands

Transforming into a flower fairy is dead easy, all you need is some feminine pieces that contain fairy dust and moonlight magic. In this post, I’m going to share part of my fairy’s accessory collection and figure out how to nail fairy styling.✨

My headband collection

Flowers🌸, laces, seashells🐚, creamy pearls etc. are the main elements in my collection. The delicate pastel shades and bold silhouette add flawless elegance to your fairy look and effortlessly left your style to a new height! I believe that every girl can look completely fairy-inspired with just one crown on your cute little head 😉 Isn’t it perfect for festivals too?

Get the fairy look.

Make up and clothing play a vital role to the fairy transformation. I am not a big fan of putting tons and layers of makeup on my face, even though I’d love to do some mermaid-inspired makeups in the near future, cause it’s fun!

If you’d really want to look exactly like a fairy, some fancy makeup would definitely help, such as fake freckles on nose and cheeks, colourful eye makeup, dramatic fake lashes, glitter, glue some crystal stones on the upper-brow or under-eye and wear coloured contact lenses for a mysterious look. Try to avoid natural and earthy tone cosmetics that we normally wear for everyday makeup (Unless you prefer to have a lightweight finish like I do). Keep it in mind that too much makeup would fail your look, and think about if it’d suit the occasion before you leave your house. 😛

Favouring your fairy look with some ladylike dreamy dresses. Good examples are laced cropped dresses, loose-fitting layered midi dresses, floaty chiffon dresses and many more. Team with pair of ballet sandals to complement.

Flower fairy look

Where to buy flower crowns?

Non of my crowns are branded, they’re either from local private shops or online (e.g. eBay). There are many DIY eBay sellers who sell their own design handmade accessories, which I personally really love, as they’re unique yet the quality is surprisingly good. Of cause we should always consider their user’s feedback ratings before we pay.

Perhaps, we should make our own ones. Agree? If you want to DIY with me, leave a comment down below. Speak up! I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s keep in touch!💞 Check out my Instagram: cindyhangelo

❤️Much love xoxo



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